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From the priceless Rush Limbaugh:

RUSH:  I have a question, ladies and gentlemen.  The economic growth rate — reported, anyway — by our government, at the end of September, was 3.1%, at the end of the calendar third quarter.  So after September, of course, comes October, November, December.  That’s the calendar fourth quarter.  So from September to the end of the year the economy went from growing at 3.1% to contracting by 0.1%.  So the economy fell 3.2%.

Now, what happened between October, November, and December that might have had something to do with this?  Let me think.  October, November, even December you got Christmas and holiday season, that’s supposed to be big for the economy.  They told us, ladies and gentlemen, we were told that after Obama won reelection, the economy was gonna take off because uncertainty would be removed.  In fact, they said that one of the reasons the economy was sorta chugging, not really speeding along, was all the uncertainty over who was gonna win the election and what policies would then flow; but then after Obama won, that’s the end of uncertainty. Everybody would know what’s ahead and the economy would take off.

Well, obviously Obama won the election, and the economy tanked.  Hmm.  I wonder why. I looked over at TMZ, Entertainment Weekly, I didn’t see anything about the GDP contracting, by the way.  I’ve looked at the E! Entertainment website, a number of low-information sites, nothing there yet about the economy contracting.  The only thing that’s the big news over there right now is that Lindsay Lohan panicked on a first class flight to Los Angeles.

“Lindsay Lohan and her mom Dina took the last flight out of JFK last night and jetted to L.A. after being warned she’d be a wanted woman if she was a no-show in court this morning.  Lindsay — who is not just broke but deeply in debt — waited in her car at the airport until the last minute … then flew first class on American Airlines and landed at around 12:30 AM.”

TMZ broke this story.  This is huge.  Ahem.

“Lindsay had no intention of showing up in her lying-to-cops case and got a doctor’s note which was filed with the court.”

And then Kris Humphries is crying fraud regarding his so-called marriage to Kim Kardashian, and he’s refused a $10 million payoff.  This is the news over at TMZ and the E! Entertainment network.  Nothing about the economy yet over on those websites.  But the really big low-information news right now is that Lindsay Lohan is in court even as we speak.  It has ’em all captivated out there.

So I don’t know what happened between October and December to cause the economy to tank, but it did.

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