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This one stood out to me as I was skimming through them this morning. When I talk about connections, roots, community, this is what I mean.

Perhaps, like many people who commit suicide (or try to) I had no idea I was going to attempt it until maybe half an hour before the attempt.

I was in a nightclub, drunk and had been rejected by every girl I approached. I was desperate to get out of my situation, alone, single, unemployed and living on benefits in a crappy bedsit in the worst part of town. I was extremely depressed, though I didn’t know it at the time.

I left the nightclub, hailed a taxi and asked the driver to take me to a famous local landmark – a very very high bridge. I intended to jump off but didn’t allow for the wiley cab driver who guessed my intentions. The bridge, back then, was a popular spot for suicides and its name was almost synonymous with jumpers which probably tipped him off (they’ve since put up barricades and so forth, making it almost impossible).

The cab driver drove me to the bridge then stopped the cab, turned off the engine, turned around in his seat and asked me if I was going to kill myself. I said yes I was and burst into tears.

He gave me a motivational talk right there and then. Life was worth living. I should stick it out. It was easy to think life was a long and unchanging road but in fact it is full of surprises and only age can give you the experience to realize this. If you’re willing to persevere you will find that life throws all kinds of amazing opportunities your way. Then he said he’d put a word in with his boss and try to get me a job driving taxis. He told me not to worry about girls rejecting me. I was drunk and probably came across as depressed, which is never attractive. I was a good looking guy and would meet somebody great some day soon, but not if I jumped off the bridge.

Then he drove me home and didn’t charge me a fare. I gave him my number and he called me every day for about a month after that. I didn’t get a job as a taxi driver because his boss wasn’t quite as nice a guy as he was, but I did sort myself out and get out of that shitty situation, met the girl of my dreams, found my niche in the employment side of things and now live in a beautiful house in an amazing part of the world.

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