Gun Seizures

There’s been a lot of talk about taking guns from those with mental issues and those with a criminal background. I think the concept is sound, but I’m concerned that the execution can leave a lot of room for abuse. I don’t think I want to have a bureaucrat determine whether I can own a gun or not.

I was reading up on gun seizure law, and came across some of the existing regulations. Connecticut law seems to be the most appropriate to note. If there’s a complain about a gun owner making threats, police can investigate and determine if a warrant to seize weapons. A judge must hold a hearing within fourteen days to determine whether the police can keep the weapons or must return them. Seems pretty reasonable.

The most worrisome thing is the mentality that “SOMETHING MUST BE DONE”, and then turning to the federal government to do something. Well, the government can try to outlaw evil, but it can’t prevent it. Demanding instant action and trusting the government to fix it is a recipe for unintended consequences.

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